Beat the World Record!Largest Ever “Machi-kon” with 10,000 attendees on January 15th

Ginza Diamond Shiraishi PRESENTS
“Machi-kon Tokyo Dome in Furusato Matsuri Tokyo”

Guests include Yumi Katsura, Doburokku, Zawachin, erica, and ect.

“Kon-katsu” and “Machi-kon” Promotion Committee will hold on Thursday, January 15th, 2015 the largest ever “machi-kon” with 10,000 single males and females from all over Japan in Tokyo Dome.
This “machi-kon”, titled as “Ginza Diamond Shiraishi PRESENTS Machi-kon Tokyo Dome in Furusato Matsuri Tokyo” is sponsored by Cima Corporation and will be held during the annual “Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2015”

Official Site:


machi-kon tokyo-dome
On that day, Ms. Yumi Katsura will open the ceremony followed by Doburokku’s special performance, Zawachin, the PR Ambassador’s impersonating make-up, and erica’s, popular with females junior and high school students, live performance of “Kokuuta” songs, and much, much more. Ms. Aika Kanda, a former NHK announcer, will MC the event.
“Machi-kon Tokyo Dome” is unprecedented and epoch-making with the following reasons and can provide many an opportunity of meeting and communicating with others that no past “machi-kon” were able to;

1) Approximately 10,000 single males and females (5,000 each) will participate in this event, and the size is unprecedented.
*We are going to beat the world record.
2) There is a diversity among participants who will come from all over Japan
3) It will held in Tokyo Dome, which is both world famous and spacious.
4) The fee is reasonably set at 1,500 yen per a male and 1,000 yen per a female participant.
5) It will be a collaborative event with “Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2015”, a large-scale event of 410,000 attendees in 10 days in 2014.
  *The regular opening hours will be extended and the site will be reserved solely for this event.
6) Sponsoring companies will provide gifts such as diamond jewelry, a Hawaii vacation and gift certificates to aesthetic salons.
7) A selected guest will have a chance to wear a tiara that is estimated at several million US dollars (planned).
Now that “machi-kon” has become well-known in the society, there are many “machi-kons” held all over Japan. However, the committee handling this event does not view “machi-kon” simply as a profitable business but as one of the solution to Japan’s “the unmarried or the late-married”, which inevitably results in the aging of this society by providing the young male and female participants an opportunity to consider marriage and childbirth as an option in their lives.
This even will be held at the site of “Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2015” which has more than 300 organizations and related personnel from all over Japan. This signifies that the young attendees will be exposed to the cultures and people of various places and will understand their appeal. They will also be able to treat such experiences as something real and emotion-provoking. We aim, through this event, to contribute to the solution of Japan’s declining birth rate and to the renaissance of remote areas.

Event Details

Event Name:
Ginza Diamond Shiraishi PRESENTS
Machi-kon Tokyo Dome in Furusato Matsuri Tokyo

January 15th (THR), 2015 19:00~21:00

At Tokyo Dome “Furusato Matsuri Tokyo” 2015

“Kon-katsu” and “Machi-kon” Promotion Committee

Special Sponsor:
Cima Corporation / Ginza Diamond Shiraishi

Special thanks to:
Tokyo Dome Corporation,
Hapirise Corporation, Zenken Corporation,
Baynich Inc. Monteroza Corporation Ltd, etc.

Operation Assistance:
Committee Recruiting Support Organization

All Japan Bridal Association
Japan Machi-kon Incorporated Association

Special Supervision: Yumi Katsura (President of All Japan Bridal Association)

Operation:Machi-kon Portal (Zenken Corporation)

Fee: 1,500 yen/male, 1,000 yen/female

*Includes entrance fee for “Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2015”


Registration: https://www.machicom.jp/tokyo-dome/#otoku

Official Site: https://www.machicom.jp/tokyo-dome/

jewelry of million US Dollars

Jewelry of 7 million US Dollars


・2-minite from East Exit of Suidobashi St. on Sobu Line
・1-minute from A2 Exit of Suidobashi St. on Toei Mita Line
・5-minute from Exit2 of Korakuen St.
on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
・5-minute from Exit 2 of Korakuen St.
on Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
・6-minute from Exit 6 of Kasuga St. on Toei Oedo Line

Appendix:”Furusato Matsuri 2015” Overview

・Date: January 9th (FRI) – January 18th (SUN) , 2015
・Sponsor: Furusato Matsuri Tokyo Committee
(Tokyo Dome / Fuji Television / Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.)

Guest Profiles

Zawachin (Machi-kon Tokyo Dome PR Ambassador)

Zawachin (Make-Up Impersonating fantasista)
Born on August 16th, 1992 (aged 22), from Gumma, and Blood Type A
She has established a new genre of “make-up impersonating” of celebrities.
Her repertoire exceeds 100 and she transcends age, gender and nationalities. Every time she perfects a new style, she is portrayed in numerous media and creates such a sensation. Her first make-up book, “Zawachin Make Magic” (Takarajimasha Inc.) has become a smash hit with more than 150,000 copies sold in the first 8 months. In 2015, her second book, “Zawachin Make Magic2” will be released.
She has received the 6th rank in the “Nikkei Entertainment” first half of the fiscal year. Her official blog (Ameba Blog) averages one million accesses per day and her best day had 859 million accesses, a record no one has been able to break. Her blog has won the 1st place in “Ameblo (Ameba Blog) Celebrity Overall Ranking 8times.

Doburokku (Special Guest)

Born in 1978. Became a unit in September, 2004.
Mr. Mori, the “introvert pervert” and Mr. Eguchi, the “extravert pervert”, who have been in the same kindergarten through university, are the Doburokku.
On TV, they made the finalist of MBS “Uta-neta King Play-off 2013” and have appeared in “The God of Entertainment” “Arabiki-dan” and “Bakusho Red Carpet”. A CD “Maybe, Perhaps, but…” was released in 2013.

erica (Special Guest)

Born on November 19th, 1985. Singer and songwriter.
Yamanashi Tourism Ambassador.
At the age of 18, came to Tokyo to become a singer.
In 2006, she was “discovered” by former “I WISH” keyboardist, nao, and began her career in music.
Her songs about love and broken hearts became a hot topic among female junior and senior high school students, and through the word of mouth, grew popular.
Her YouTube view exceeds more than one million, which is why she is known as one of the “social” artists with many paying attention.

Aika Kanda (MC)

Born on May 29th, 1980. Free Announcer and a former NHK announcer.
Graduated from Science Department at Gakushuin University. 1st Grade Small Craft Operator. Hobbies include ocean fishing and Kabuki Viewing.
Currently she appears on “Otonana TV (TVQ Kyushu)”, “News Zap (BS (BS Skyperfect TV)”, and “Radio Heard from Between the Crack (JFN).

Yumi Katsura (Special Supervision)

Born on April 24th, 1932. After graduating from Kyoritsu Women’s University, went to France to study.
Designing at “Les Ecoles de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne”, she acquired the couture skills. In 1964, she began her career as the Japan’s first bridal fashion designer, and in the following year, she had the Japan’s first bridal fashion show. From there, she held a show ever year, leading the Japan’s bridal fashion industry. She has also hosted shows in more than 20 countries around the globe, and is knowns as the “Missionary of Bridal” because of her work to provide hopes and dreams about weddings. In recent years, she has poured much of her energy into the problem of reduced childbirth rate caused by the non-married and late-married. Starting in 2007, she started the campaign to term and develop “the Sacred Place for the Lovers” (125 places in Japan and 4 overseas). Her other activities include invitation to the couples who have lost the interest in weddings, and have not had a wedding ceremony because of the cost a new style of wedding, “Furusato (Hometown) Wedding Ceremonies” in which the citizens from the town are invited to take par, with a purpose to reevaluate the appeals of where they grew up and to reexamine the bond of a family.


Machi-kon Tokyo Dome in Furusato Matsuri Tokyo PR Office (Baynich Inc.)
Inquire:Ishikawa, Fukuzawa